Antoni: where people and technology meet

Antoni will be a unique building in the Leeuwenhoek Quarter in the centre of Delft. Living, connecting, experiencing and accommodation are central here. Beyond a doubt the best place to meet and stay, its tall glass facade invites you to join in, think along, and enter. 

A lively atrium functions 24/7 as the heart of the building and as a meeting place in the neighbourhood. In this Living Lobby, exhibitions and a mixed programme take place at the intersection of technology, innovation, design, entrepreneurship and sustainability. The building also houses luxury apartments, a distinguished hotel, a restaurant, flexible workplaces with space for start-ups and small businesses, and an ingenious parking facility with space for car sharing. Antoni is a lively mix of living, working, catering, accommodation, relaxation, learning and connection.

At Antoni, technology and innovation are at the heart of every aspect of our business. This is reflected in the exhibitions and the programming, in the innovations that are applied in hotel rooms and apartments, and in the choice for a flexible structure so that in the future homes can be easily adapted and can change function. Antoni is your connection with Delft. 

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